Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beechwood floor sanding in Waterbeach, Cambridge

At Art of Clean, professional floor cleaners in Cambridge we were recently asked to sand a beechwood kitchen floor in Waterbeach, Cambridge. The customer was delighted with the result as the wooden floor looked as good as new after we had sanded and hard wax oiled it, in a natural wax colour.

The project took our team at Art of Clean a couple days to get back to its original state. The first stage was to use a high filtration vacuum which sucks up any dry soil which could cause damage to the floor whilst sanding, and then we sanded the main surface area of the kitchen with our large industrial sander, the great thing about our sanders is that there is hardly any dust created whilst cleaning the wooden floors, as 99.9% of the dust is sucked up into a large sack.

The next stage was to sand the corners and edges by hand, this is a fairly long, painstaking part of refurbishing a wooden floor, but it is also a necessity, as if any corners are not sanded properly there will be a colour difference at the end of the job.

Once the floor had been properly sanded and prepared we then applied Pallmann Magic Oil, by hand, it comes in a choice of colours; Neutral, Cherry, Walnut, Silver Gray, White or black. One of the benefits of the hard wax oil is the fact that it dries in 2-4 hours (depending on the drying conditions), where as some other sealers take up to 8 hours to dry.

There are also no nasty chemicals or nasty smells, and if you accidently damage your wooden floor, then it is much easier to touch up, compared to other types of finishes such as lacquer.