Sunday, 24 January 2010

POWER TO ACHIEVE EVENT- Friday 26-Sunday 28 February London


We recently got back from an AWESOME weekend event, and we want to tell you ALL about it!

Click here to find out more.

It’s hosted by an amazing speaker (and self-made millionaire) called Andy Harrington – but not only that – he also invites 5 OTHER self-made millionaires to come along and share EXACTLY how they became so successful!

By the time you leave you’ll be fully-armed with specific strategies for creating wealth. BUT that’s not all...

Because probably the *best* thing about this life-changing event is that you’ll also understand the PSYCHOLOGY of wealth, and whilst you’re there you’ll adopt the “millionaire mindset” so as soon as you leave you’ll automatically be thinking like a millionaire (and therefore getting millionaire results!)

The great news is...

They’re are running the next 'Power To Achieve Weekend’ on 26th-28th February – We seriously recommend you check it out!

Just click on the link below NOW to find out more and grab your ticket for 26th-28th February – before they all sell out.