Friday, 15 January 2010

Art of Clean
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Pierre and Laurence de Wet, owners of Art of Clean would like to give you some rug care tips, to help you keep your rugs looking great for longer.

Vacuuming your rug is the best thing you can do. If you have pets and children, this could mean as often as twice a week. Think of all the dust that settles daily on to your hard floors… that same dust settles on your rugs and needs to be removed, otherwise it works its way into the fibres and causes damage you cannot correct.

However, you do not want to overly “brush” these fibers so the best tool to use is an upright HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner and just run it over the top of the rug fibres. Vacuum WITH and not against the nap of the rug’s “fuzzy” side (the rug’s fibres are similar to your pet’s fur. Going “with” the fur causes less friction)

If a lot of dirt seems to be collecting on the rug – like on your hallway rugs – then turn these rugs good side down and also run an upright vacuum cleaner along the back (stay away from the fringe tassels or you’ll suck them up!).

This “shakes” the dirt out of the base of the rug’s foundation and then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all the dust, dirt, allergens, mould spores, bacteria, and other “unmentionables” that have been brought into your home by lots of shoes, feet and paws.

You should also wash your rug, some require washing as often as every year.

Remember you must deal with pet stains right away to avoid damage, permanent staining and unsanitary conditions.
- Pet urine and vomit is HOT and ACIDIC, so it penetrates the rug fibres completely. Because hand made rug dyes have “acidic dyes” this means the pet urine essentially permanently “re-dyes” the fibres yellow.