Saturday, 30 May 2009

Back from Rug Cleaning Training in Redruth

What an AMAZING time did we have down in Cornwall over the past few days? We had the pleasure to meet Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Amirkhan who where our tutors for the 3 day course.

We learnt so many new things and we are so exited as we know we will now be able to offer our clients even more that we did before.

Continuous training in your field of expertise is something many professional cleaners dismiss. If you feel strong about offering your client just the best service there is available - this is when your job becomes really rewarding.

Thanks again to Ellen and Aaron for sharing their knowledge.

The websites you can find more information on about what they do

Here is a picture of the amazing study matiarial they wrote:

Also a big thanks to John of Hydramaster and Nick of Solutions that made our time there even better.

Pierre and Laurence