Friday, 16 September 2016

Congratulations to Nathan on completing his IICRC care ignition training

We are very proud of our team members Nathan that has completed his IICRC carpet Care ignition training this past week he is now waiting for the results for his exam

It is very close to our hearts to ensure all team members are fully trained when dealing with specific cleaning requirements

We are so serious about it that we send them on only the best training available in our industry and that is the IICRC this dance for the Institute of inspection cleaning restoration certification

Out of clean in Cambridge is a very proud member of the IICRC and we also a certified firm

This means that we commit to training all of team members to the highest possible standard's with the IICRC maintaining the qualifications and sending them on continuous training throughout the year it also requires us to keep our insurance fully up-to-date and out insurance has to include treatment risk of this means that insurance cover us for also the items we cleaning

All the above features give our clients exceptional piece of mind to know that they are in safe hands when we carefully fabrics flooring and furnishings

My name is Pierre De wet I'm the owner of Art Of Clean. It makes me very proud to see people develop themselves and the skills they have

When team members join out of clean they will go through some hands-on training with fellow three team members that has been fully trained to IICRC is the standards

Once they completed the hands-on learning they will go ahead and attend a three day hands on training course at this training course they will learn in-depth the correct ways of cleaning and caring for fabrics flooring and furniture

After 3 to 6 months the technician will then be sent on attending a two day course on carpet cleaning this is followed by further two day course on upholstery cleaning both these courses as a one and half hour exam at the end and the results gets announced a few weeks later after the exams were marked in the USA

IICRC qualifications are recognised worldwide

Out of cleaning only one of two firms in Cambridgeshire that or certified to be IICRC members

Our team got together today to learn how to maintain and fix our machines.
Why you might as but here at art of clean we believe that the development of our staff is very important and giving them the autonomy to solve their own problems.
Not only is this good for us bur for the customer. Not won’t have to cancel your appointment and we have to the knowledge that something does go wrong we can fix it there and then.

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