Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What is the black paint around the edges of my wood floor? Can it be removed?

Before the days of fitted carpets, it was very common to lay a rug in the niddle of the room and to paint an insulated bitumen product around the edges of the room. This was usually a black or brown paint.

Can we remove the black areas by sanding the floor?

When sanded, the bitumen immediately turns into a liquid tar-like product and, in doing this, quickly clogs the sanding discs/belts. But good news, the bitumen can be removed! It will cost a little bit more to have your floor sanded to cover the additional cost of materials.

Please note that, in some cases, you might see a slight difference in tone after the sanding. The wood underneath the bitumen will have not been exposed to the same levels of moisture/air comparing to the remaining floor.

wood sanding and oiling cambridge

wood sanding and oiling cambridge

wood sanding and oiling cambridge
After the sanding and oiling! Beautiful pine floor!!

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