Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Can you use baby wipes on a leather sofa?

Leather sofas are easy to clean and many people will choose to upgrade to a leather sofa when they have children on the way because it's easier to quickly wipe a leather sofa clean of any accidents than to strip and wash an upholstered sofa.

But don't be tempted to use baby wipes to clean your leather sofa!

Using household cleaning products, even seemingly gentle baby wipes, will eventually make your leather sofa crack and peel.  The wipes will break down the protective layer applied to the leather that help it to repel dirt and fluids and keep it from drying out.  Instead of using wipes you will want to simply clean the area using a damp cloth - chemical free.  For removal of more stubborn marks use a leather specific cleaner as this will work with the leathers natural properties to break down the mark whilst protecting the leather at the same time.  See our sister site for our recommended leather care product on

For further leather sofa cleaning and maintenance information see our blog "How to care for your leather".

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