Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to protect and look after your newly polished floor - Part 1 - Prevention

A lustrous finished wood floor won't stay that way for long unless it is looked after.

We recently a ladies Amtico floor and she asked us "if we could help her with some felt padding for the underneath of her dining chairs to stop the floor from scratching".

SO we thought other may also like to know:  How to protect and look after your newly polished floor:

Part 1

  • Dirt and grit is a timber floor's worst enemy! It doesn't just hide the gleam of polished floorboads, it's abrasiveness actually harms the floorboards too.  Use large dirt-trapping mats at each entrance to help prevent sand, dust and grit from being trodden inside.  It is imortant to clean these mats on a regular basis. Dust and sweep daily.  Small rugs or carpet squares just inside the door an also help to remove extra dirt from shoes.
  • Strong light, particularly sunlight can cause a chemical reaction in wood causing it to change colour.  Move rugs occasionally and use curtains or blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight.
  • High heel shoes, especially warn ones, will dent any hard floor surface, even concrete!  Encourage your visitors to take off their heels on arrival.
  • Furniture's weight is not such an issue, the damage arrises when the furniture is moved across the floorboards.  Fit protective pads to the legs of tables and chairs so that they can be moved easily without the risk of scuffing the floor.  Visit our website to view the felt protectors we would advise to protect your wooden floor.  However, as this ladies dining chairs had a very unique and large base another solution was proposed by Pierre:
"My first thought is they should cut a carpet to the size of the whole base of the chair and glue it on the rim all around, I have seen this on a clients chair in the past and seemed successful."

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